Spooky Sprinkles!
We're batty over ESAngelbooks
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This is a special Halloween chamber for ESAngelbooks!

All the ghosties & goblins & bats & such just had to come to wish ESAngelBooks a spectacularly spooky Halloween!

Slimed ya!


OOPS! Here some of her closest & dearest friends are now!

Which way did he go?
Poor lil zombie... searchin'.... searchin'... to give her a BIG HUG!

MwaaaaaHAHAHA Helloooo Now WHO is this?
Howling Halloween We are fearsomely happy

Hmmm... some of them won't show their faces...

ooo scary Don't blink now! Yikes! who dat?

Help yourself to some of the witchy brew!

We have two flavors How YUMMY!

We have two flavors - so pick your favorite!


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A special jack-o-lantern!

Spirit Pumpkin

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Ewwwwwww a snake!



DWhisper says BOO