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What we do

We create effective websites and then promote them appropriately. You won't have to mortgage Uncle Ned's farm to afford our services.

We can research and reserve a domain name for you. If we create/revamp your website, we will charge no fee for this service. If this is the only service you desire, our fee is $35.00 (plus any expenses, such as calling you long distance). Many small businesses do not need to have a domain name. There are numerous free hosting locations and we will advise you about those options.

We can review an existing website and let you know what we think. If it's good for your business, we will tell you that! If there are only a few minor improvements that you can make, we will tell you. If we believe that we can provide a better, more effective website for you, we will provide you with both the price and the time frame.

You always have final approval.

What you will do

You know your business and your customer base. You will write descriptions of both. You provide names and/or URL's of your competitors.

If you have pictures or graphics that you want to use, you will send them to us (via email or snailmail).

You choose from a variety of graphics and colors to create the most effective website for you.

You will review the proposed site design and let us know what changes, if any, should be made.

You will decide whether you require a domain name and select a website host.

What will it cost?

The price for website design and promotion depends upon your needs and goals.

A simple 2-page site with minimal graphics and few links would be as little as $200.00 (US). This includes site promotion to 5 top search engines when the site is first available and again 90 days later. We also include an update at the end of 90 days.

Once the structure and image of your website have been agreed upon, we will establish the fee for our services. Upon receipt of 50%, we will begin. The balance will be due prior to posting your website on the internet - but subsequent to your review and approval.

If you have a domain (, registration of $70.00 for two years is at your expense. Domain hosting prices vary - from free to $100+ per month. We will provide information for your selection. Any fees will be your responsibility to pay directly to the hosting service. (SpyceWorks does not offer a fee-based hosting service)

Do you have questions?? Contact us!

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