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Think about it. Who's the most valuable person in YOUR life? That's right - you are. Think about the people to whom you are important - parents, kids, spouses, friends, relatives, etc. Makes sense to use common sense.

Recently I heard an interesting analogy about taking care of yourself. If you've taken a commercial airplane flight and listened to the instructions the flight attendants present at the beginning (or read the pamphlet in the pocket of the seat), you may recall that when they address the issue of using oxygen, they emphasize that you must put YOUR oxygen mask on first. If you are responsible for anyone on board, a child for example, YOU must put your oxygen mask on FIRST before you try to put their's on them. The reasoning is that if you try to put their's on, you may not be able to help them at all.

So, put your oxygen mask on FIRST - take care of yourself and your needs so that you are better able to help those who depend upon you. Check out these resources.

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These folks offer a variety of health and nuitrional resources and information:


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| Buy medicine | Prescription advice | Going bald? | Denise's story
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