Are friends and family always telling you your phone line is busy and they can't reach you?

If you answered "Yes" to any one of these questions, then here is the answer for you!

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Do you want to make your existing line work harder for you and avoid the cost of a second line?
Tired of disabling Call Waiting when it's the very feature you need online?

Internet Call Manager is the ideal service for the web surfer who worries "Hey, am I missing any calls while I'm doing this?".   With Internet Call Manager, YOU'LL NEVER MISS AN IMPORTANT CALL AGAIN when you are on the net!

Here's how it works:*

You're on the internet and someone tries to phone you. If you don't have Internet Call Manager, your caller gets a busy signal and you never know they called (until they tell you NEXT week that they tried to reach you LAST week!). With Internet Call Manager, as soon as a person calls you, a small box appears on your screen. At that time you'll have three options.

  1. Send them a message to call you back later (they'll hear a voice telling them that you know they have called but you are on the internet),
  2. Send them a message that you will call right back (again a voice will tell them that you are on the internet but will call them back shortly) and you can disconnect and contact the caller - after all you now have their name and number on your screen,
  3. Ignore the caller and the call will be handled as if you weren't home.

Sign-up here for a one month FREE, NO OBLIGATION trial, including FREE software to manage your incoming calls and then tell us what YOU think.

* full service of Internet Call Manager may be affected by Bell lines in certain areas. Visit the sign-up page and enter your phone number to find out if this will affect you.   Some Bell Services are not currently compatible with ICM.

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