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The first section of reviews is Mysteries and Thrillers! There are some others that do not really fit in that category - but we're working on that!

With the holidays coming up - thought it might be helpful to have A Spycè-y Christmas page. You'll find recommendations on gifts for everyone (men, women, kids, etc.) as well as music and books - cookbooks and children's books (including the Harry Potter series), and more!

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Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man and the Last Great Lesson
by Mitch Albom 50% off (also available in audio book) Tuesdays with Morrie

This book has had more impact on my life than anything else I've ever read, by far. It's a reminder to appreciate the simple, little things in life. It's a reminder that when you're dead, the things you've accumulated and the things you've done will disappear. What will remain is the ways that you've affected or touched other people. This is a simple book with simple messages.

Live fully and in the moment. Treat others with respect, kindness, love, and dignity. Seek joy.

Then there is Morrie's book -

Letting Go : Morrie's Reflections on Living While Dying
by Morrie Schwartz 30% off   Letting GO

This was published after his death and again has his perspective on life. This year however there was a re-issue...

Morrie In His Own Words
by Morrie Schwartz 30% off   In his own words

Filled with wisdom and life-affirming insights, this book is a re-issue of Letting Go by Morrie Schwartz, the subject of Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie.

From the Publisher
In Morrie's memory, Walker will contribute a portion of every copy sold of Morrie In His Own Words to the Morrie S. Schwartz ALS Research Fund.

Great book The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy
by Ace Starry 30% off

Looking for a reason to discover or re-discover your dreams? This novel is for you. An ordinary young man meets a magician at a street fair and learns far more about his life, unconditional love and the illusion of death than he ever dreamed possible. An intriguing metaphysical mystery and love story filled with philosophy, a real page-turner teeming with insights revealing the path to happiness through taking risks and following dreams.

Buy Beloved today Beloved    by Toni Morrison - 40% off!

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