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Welcome. I plan to have a great number of resources for all military veterans and those interested in such.

Navy Navy Navy Navy Navy

My dad was a veteran of WWII in the Navy. He served on the USS Forrest DD461/DMS-24.

There are quite a lot of wonderful military sites out there on the Web! So, I'm not gonna' try to duplicate anyone's efforts - hope to support and add to them!

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Some GREAT links:

Vets for a Change MIA site -->MIA site

I have adopted a POW - see his info here.

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Please Email me
Please email me
if you have any links that should be here (or if you just want to write! *smile*).

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My dad was an electrician in the Navy AND a loyal UNION member of IBEW local #10 - so I'm gonna try to find some of those sites too.

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