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Are you paying to have access to the web? If so, STOP today! There is probably a free internet service provider you can use. Don't pay AOL, your local phone company, or anyone... Get wired FREE! Or at least shop around...

get online free

DialFree has a $12 monthly fee and NO set-up charges. NO POPUP ADS! They had a good idea when they started - but the partner to provide free access vamoosed on them.

IsFree can be free, too. Now if someone doesn't refer anyone, they do have a monthly charge of $20 for a regular dial-in or, get this, single channel ISDN! A member gets:

- 10 megabytes of personal web space with 1 free personal or business homepage created instantly at after sign-up (6 pages)
- Unlimited E-mail boxes both Web Based and POP3 accessible
- Toll free Technical support at 1-800-357-8321 and 1-877-7IS-FREE
And... perhaps best of all - NO POP-UP ADS!!

For every person you refer who registers and uses IsFree, you are paid $5.00 per month for as long as they use the service. Check this one out and tell all your friends about it!
Soon IsFree will be offering FREE access - that IS banner-supported.

iSFree! Now  iSFree Internet Access 4 Life!

Address.Com has free email along with free internet access - and a bunch of other free services. There is a banner but you don't have to click every so often as some programs require.

Free Internet, free email!

Now here are some others that (so far) do not have affiliate programs.

Quite a few free providers have bitten the dust in 2000. There are some that have minimal fees.

There are also some regional free ISPs - some of whom intend to go national in 2001.
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Are you just interested in doing some comparison of ISPs in your area? Well, one of the best places to do that is at The List!
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I guess we knew that sooner or later, FREE DSL would arrive. Well, gang - here it is!

Launched in April of 2000, FreeDSL from Broadband Digital Group is a new Internet service that provides consumers with free high-speed access to the Internet. What is DSL? DSL provides broadband speeds of up to 8Mbps; thatís at least 50 times faster than conventional dial-up connections. Click here! That should take you in as a referral. Thanks!

Are you aware of another free internet?
Are you using one and would like to comment on it?
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