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Awesome Links

Spyce's FREE ISP Info
Free Internet Access? Yes!!
Cyber Cards
Send cyber greetings for every Occasion!
Nat'l Center for Missing Kids
Everyone can help. It's up to you!
sadie cat homepage
Cats, Kitties, and more!! (yes, I created this too)
Spyce` Internet & Web Resources
Website design and Internet help - Put a lil Spyce` in your life!
Starfleet Academy
Star Trek site for Trekkie simmers!
Virtual Memorial Gardens
Cyber memoriams in perpetuity
Spyce` Web Access
Yet another Spycey page... great links!
Skull's Horizontal Rulz
Excellent graphics!! FREE!
Thunder Bay Homes
Canadian real estate pro, Peter Herbert, puts himself at your beck & call 24 hrs/day. WOW!

Put a lil Spyce` in YOUR life!

Yes... you can do it!!
Everyone NEEDS a lil Spyce` in their life.

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as many of my links as catch your eye.
Lots of interesting places out there!!

My focus these days is helping people create homepages.
It really makes my eyes sparkle!!

BUT - I know it is not for everyone so I have located various places where YOU
can get a FREE homepage,
and I work through the process myself.

Just as I did here. TRIPOD is one of the easier places, albeit a lil bit slow. 8(

I used the "assisted method" -
which certainly takes TIME.

That is what I offer -
use MY time and have your very own homepage.

Send me an email if you are interested in my help.

Alternatively, if you have the time & the patience, you can surely do one here at TRIPOD yourself.

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