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Robert Parker's book"Trouble in Paradise"
by Robert Parker

Following the success of "Night Passage", Robert Parker revisits Paradise, Massachusetts, and its police chief, Jesse Stone, in "Trouble in Paradise". In this second installment, Parker takes more time to flesh out Jesse's troubled life and his relationship with his ex-wife, Jenn. The novel is also a riveting tale of cat and mouse, as Chief Stone tries to head off the elaborate score plotted by Jimmy Macklin and his team of expert killers and thieves.

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"Prime Cut"
by Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Mott Davidson is the master of the culinary mystery. In her "Prime Cut", Goldy Schulz lands a plum contract catering for a fashion shoot. But just when things are looking up, she finds herself investigating two deaths that strike close to home. "Prime Cut" mixes an intricate mystery with a dash of clever characterization and a generous serving of cooking insight (plus some delicious recipes to boot).

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"Field of 13"
by Dick Francis

The 1996 Mystery Grand Master, Dick Francis, a Welsh steeplechase jockey who transformed himself into one of the most respected and popular mystery writers in the world, has published his first short-story collection, "Field of 13." From a spring race in Cheltenham to the Grand National and the Kentucky Derby, the volume collects several published and unpublished Francis mysteries crafted with Francis's inimitable grace.

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"WHAT IT'S REALLY LIKE TO BE A WRITER" **************************************

In Mary-Ann Tirone Smith's "An American Killing", Denise Burke is a true crime writer who is married to a Clinton aide and having an affair with a Rhode Island senator. When her investigation into a triple murder is punctuated by the X-rated death of her lover, she's trapped in a scandal that blurs the boundaries of reality and fiction. In an exclusive essay written for (excerpted below), Smith wryly recounts the treacheries and threats in her own daily struggle to capture time for writing.


The writer chisels an office out of her home, a pleasant though low-ceilinged space she shares with the oil burner-- the perfect companion as it is not human, doesn't talk, and gives off a nice steady hum just like a library. This, of course, is after finally making some money at writing, since such an act would have been deemed frivolous, to say nothing of selfish, before. She posts a notice that she is not to be disturbed except in dire emergency. Thirty seconds after the posting, a dire emergency arises--two Girl Scouts at the front door selling cookies. The kind of cookies to buy and the transaction itself is apparently something only the writer has the authority to do. She throws open the office door in response to the frantic knocking, and upon hearing the request, with eyes ablaze, she lets loose with, "An emergency is the house catching fire!"

Then she slams the door. The next sound she hears is the muted whimpering of a betrayed child. It takes a while to train the household troops that the writer in their midst is a volatile alien requiring a daily ration of solitude. A published writer, as opposed to a writer who simply writes for love, is a ruthlessly disciplined person. This is something I tell my writing students incessantly, but they don't really get it.

They moan that they just don't have the time to write. (There are only three writers in the country flush enough to have the time to write--three plus that handful of writers blessed by Oprah and, to a lesser extent, Imus. The rest are on the phone trying to sell you beef from Omaha.) So I ask the students how long it takes to make their beds. Average time they figure--4 minutes. So I say, "There's 4 minutes right there!" Then I ask: "How long to eat lunch?" Students: "Half an hour." Me: "We're already up to 34 minutes! Do you watch TV at all?" No answer. My students are now slinking out of the room to see if they can drop my class and sign up for Fundamentals of Accounting. That's what it's like to be a writer. Sleeping on wrinkly sheets with the bottoms pulled out.

Read the full essay

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"CLINTON'S OTHER NIGHTMARE" ***************************

Richard Preston's "The Cobra Event" (now in paperback) is a fictional tale of biological warfare, but its realistic portrait of bioterror so haunted Washington that in response to the text, President Clinton issued Presidential Directive 62 to refine U.S. preparedness for biological terrorism. In an exclusive essay for, the author discusses his year in the Washington spotlight, his "X-Files"-esque research for the novel, and the upcoming "Cobra Event" movie. He even calls on readers to help him plan his next book. Read the essay

GO WEST, YOUNG MAN? *******************

The novels of Elmore Leonard ("Get Shorty"), Trevanian ("The Eiger Sanction"), and Walter Mosely ("Devil in a Blue Dress"), fit safely into the category of mystery and thrillers, right? Well, all three writers are expanding their horizons westward (or futureward) in their newest books. Leonard's "The Tonto Woman" collects several of his finest Western short stories, and Trevanian's "Incident at Twenty Mile" offers an unforgettable revision of the formula Western. Mosely's departure is even more radical, however. The author of the Easy Rawlins novels has written a sci-fi stunner, "Blue Light," about a mysterious beam that transform humans into superbeings.

"The Tonto Woman and Other Western Stories"
by Elmore Leonard
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"Incident at Twenty Mile"
by Trevanian
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"Blue Light"
by Walter Mosely
Order now.

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Other Suggestions ************************

Here's a rich selection of mysteries and thrillers from some major authors. Get a jump on the holidays and order your copies of these novels by Iain Pears, Lawrence Block, and Anne Perry.

"Everybody Dies"
by Lawrence Block (one of my "all time favorite" authors)
Order now.

"A Breach of Promise"
by Anne Perry
Order now.

"Death and Restoration"
by I Pears
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