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Control Technologies Companies (CTC)

Links to fun and diverting places in Alabama
and all over the world!

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space We at CTC are proud and happy to be a part of this most enjoyable medium of communication. The potential for every viewer to learn new things, visit other countries, meet new people is vast - yet right at your fingertips!

spaceOur president, Mike Tribble, is fast becoming a master of the web wave and enjoying every nanosecond! Like you - Mike has some favorite places. Go ahead and visit some of them!

spaceCTI's website will be updated/expanded regularly - so do come back again.

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Alabama Sites

Alabama Power


Visit our local Birmingham links, click here!!

Business Resources

Natl Federation of Independent Business

(voice of small business)


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space The Web is full of fun places! Here are some that Mike has found!

If you enjoy music, you'll really enjoy this site!

AMG Music

Searching for MORE clipart?? Nutty Clipart

How GOOD are you at riddles??

Lots of Games

Lookin' for a car? Selling one?
Auto Site

Another excellent site is Kelley Blue Book to get the trade-in and retail value for a vehicle.

OR maybe you need some help with or have questions about the car you have now!

Lemon Law Info

For all you Python lovers out there!!

Nudge nudge
(nudge, nudge)

YES! It's true! Monty et al ARE on the Web! and even better... with games!

This is NOT Mike! A Complete Waste of Time! haha

  Try it out!



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TipWorld for WWW tips!

Want your OWN football team? Try it out! Fantasy Football!


Want to do a quick web search?? Try this!

PowerSearch the Web:
Starting Point(TM)


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