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space Do YOU have a website or homepage yet? If not, think about it. The Web has lots of info and tools available - IF you have the time and the inclination to do-it-yourself. 

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Are you looking for some ideas about promoting your website or homepage? Read this article by our guest author, Jim Rhodes. 

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How about tracking your search engine listings? One of the best tools is WebPosition.

FREE WebPosition Software builds traffic by tracking your search positions and helping you improve your rankings! Submitting alone is not enough! People must be able to find you easily on the search engines.
This product has been tested and reviewed by many experts:

web position tracking   "WebPosition is the BEST software around for letting anyone who has a Web page know where they are listed on all the major Internet search engines. It is a "must have" piece of software for Webmasters of large sites and small home pages. It has a very simple interface, coupled with a detailed HTML-style report on the position of your Web site. 5 out of 5 Stars from Download.Net - WOW! What else can I say, except write your check to the people that made this product. They give you a 45-day demo of the product with full features, except it only searches three engines (for me it was Excite, AltaVista, and Infoseek). It then goes out (once you are online) and tells you the exact position you are in on these search engines..."
Have you heard of ZDNet? Here's their impression:
ZDNet Editor's Pick "...what [WebPosition] does do is so unique and so valuable that anyone trying to run a business online should give it a try."  

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How about getting more visitors to your website?

Has your computer been acting up lately? Would you like some PC help? 

Check out Bob O'Donnell's On Computers - BOOT DISK instructions! There are articles and information about all aspects of a PC (yeah, you have to CLEAN it once in a while, too!) 

Now here is a definitely NEAT idea! You know how Y2K is casting a long shadow over everything these days? Every company and most people are wondering exactly what will happen when the year changes to 2,000. These items are fun ideas to have for yourself or give as gifts or get as keepsakes for your kids or their kids. 
And put a lil Spycè in the millenium! Visit my Y2K help page. 

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