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So you want to create (or improve) a website/homepage?

You've come to the right place! Here you will find not only ideas and suggestions but also the best resource links (I'm not going to re-create the wheel here!) to get you started.

You can use the Site Navigation box for an index of all the sources I'll mention.

Internet Service Providers
Well, you wouldn't be reading this unless you were already online. Perhaps you are at the library or a friend's place and haven't gotten "webbed" yet. Perhaps you are paying too much and/or are just not satisfied with your internet provider. AOL and such are okay for first-time users. They hold your hand and make it easy to surf around. At some point though, you'll get tired of the graphics and the limitations (not to mention the price).
So, let's take a look. There actually are FREE internet providers - they usually have some sort of ad window that you have to keep open but hey! save $15-$20 per month? Might be worth it.

Free Homepages/Websites
There are quite a few places that have FREE space for you. First - your ISP should provide some space for a personal page/site. This is usually a few megs and can be sufficient for a site that uses a few graphics and is only a few pages (not upwards of 20>. Take advantage of the space provided even if you are looking to create a business site because you can link to your business site. That helps in the search engines when other websites link to you. Plus, on your business site, a link to your personal page can be a "humanizing" effect.
FreeWebSpace   &   FreeCenter have tables of free web space available around the world! They are listed by review/ranking. The info re space provided isn't up-to-date (Tripod gives you way more than 11MB now). Another list can be found at Zarcrom.
Now Tripod, Geocities, and others all have homepage builders that mean you can "hit it, get it, and GO" without knowing one bit of HTML code or java or CGI.

Free Homepages
Tripod - 50MB
FreeHomePages - 50MB
FreeWebSpace - List
TopCities - 150MB!

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Here's a good resource for you. If you are building a web page, you might want business cards or letterhead stationery.

At iPrint, you can create your favorite custom printed products, see exactly what they will look like before you order, and never leave your favorite chair! They have some really fantastic customized items like Business Cards, T-shirts, Magnetic Signs, Post-itŪ Notes, and more! They'll even let you create FREE business cards. Check it out!

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