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Okay - some of my dad's favorite things here! and links to appropriate sites as I have them!!

Have a Bud!

Bucket Refreshing

Well... nectar of the gods, eh?


Sometime back, my dad (and all my family) enjoyed da beach...Beach
and (like most guys) he didn't mind lookin' at the lovely ladies! *grin*

Now there was mebbe only ONE thang my dad was choosy about (whiskey? whatever... beer? what's on sale?)
     and that was his cigars! (haha)

Marsh Wheeling Deluxe Dark

...only acceptable smoke for him - Marsh Wheeling Deluxe Dark!! Marsh Wheeling Deluxe Dark

Click on the middle button to hear Cheers theme song.

Now here is a pic of him and Hunting Buddy - Bob Divins at the Camp.

Camp in PA - Dad's on the left

Do ya see the Marsh Wheelings in his pocket?? *grin*

This is a picture of our home in western PA - that he and my mom (and I think some relatives) did most (if not all) of the "inside work". A contractor put up the frame. See the garage? It was a lil house first! We lived there while the house was being finished.

Home in PA

These pics are fuzzy - have to ask a friend how to sharpen them! I'll be doing more on this site - for now - RELAX & ENJOY!!

Look how cute -
Pals - Dad and grandson Noah
My dad used to take Noah to pre-school every day back in 1985.

If you'd like to see more Family Pics, they are here.

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