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Are you earning cash right now - just for being online? If not - why not?

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Beginning in early 1999, a new crop of companies began to appear - which offer to pay you in exchange for showing ad banners on a small part of your screen. To make this even more attractive, if you refer a friend of yours to their service, you'll get paid when they use the web. Even if you don't refer any friends, you can make about $20-$30 per month from each of these services.

Many of the "Get Paid to Surf" programs have bitten the dust. Here are the ones that are still alive & kickin'!

Check out these opportunities. Most have a maximum number of hours for which they'll pay you. So, that means that once you reach one program's maximum, open up another one! If you surf even one hour per day, you can make some money. If you tell your friends, you'll make even more!

Oh. And by the way, using my referrer ID will NOT impact your earnings. So, please use these links for your free sign-ups. Thanks!

Paying NOW!

AllCommunity has a variety of ways to make money!

When you join, you'll have the option to opt-in to receive valuable free information pertaining to your interests, business, or hobby, and get paid to read them. Not a fortune but... you get paid 3 cents for each one you read and 1 cent for each one your referrals read each month.

Oh yes, you get paid for each referral. To get money for being online, you have to use their ISP.

They also have a CommunityPlus feature for which you can pay a onetime fee of $40. This increases some of the pay rates, such as you can be paid for referrals without using their ISP, you get paid to higher levels of referrals, and you will also earn a commission of $10 for every one of your direct referrals who becomes a Community Plus member.

Get AllCommunity e-centives absolutely FREE when you join AllCommunity -- The Portal that Pays! Make $$$ when you surf, read email, shop, search and more! Plus, take advantage of AllCommunity e-centives -- special online offers and digital coupons tailored to your shopping interests!

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Go To World has a small viewbar but they also have a messenger! (like AOL & ICQ) You can get paid for chatting with your friends! Plus they have contests where you can win money and prizes.

GoToWorld pays you to be online

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PayBar is paying right now! With Paybar you are paid for how many ads are displayed (plus referrals). You get paid whether you are surfing or reading email or composing a document - just have the PayBar open! They're already paying me with this cool contraption called the PayBar. It shows ads at the bottom of your screen while you surf the net. If you refer people they pay you even more. Go to their site and look around, then sign up... it's that easy!

Get Paid to Surf @

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EPIPO is paying now also and their rate depends upon the banner size. You earn so much per hour (plus your referrals). Their maximum number of hours is 50 right now. Another caveat is that you will be paid for your referrals based upon how many hours YOU have if they have used it for more hours than you. An example is if you use ePIPO for 20 hours and one of your referrals uses it for 25 hours, your pay for THEIR surfing (you get paid for your own first) will be for 20 hours.

As info, ePIPO is taken from the Greek word epipolos, which means "companion".

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Do you surf 10 hours or more each month? Do you have friends who surf 10 hours or more each month? Do you know anyone who'd like some extra cash each month? I bet that you do! Use your calculator to see the cash potential. Now I know that I can use a little extra cash. Can't you?

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so that you can be eligible to refer your friends and make money when they start paying! Some of these programs have a maximum # of participants. That may grow as they prove to be successful at getting more advertisers. Why take the chance that you'll miss out? Register now and tell your friends to build your referral bucks!


UtopiAD has a variety of ways you can make money. One is their Magellan browser - and another is getting paid to receive emails. In their Mall, you can get cash back when you shop.

You may register FREE by Clicking on this link!

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How many people do YOU know who are paying a monthly fee for Internet access? Most of them - right? And how many of those are using something like AOL or Prodigy or their phone company (that usually limits the # of hours)?? Again - probably most.

You can help them save and YOU earn cash!

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