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You actually can make money with your website. Some of these are simply banners you add to your site. Others require a little more. The best results will occur if you promote the page(s) from your personal experience. If you click on any of the links/banners here, you will be taken to the website. Look for their affiliates or partners link to register.

Talk about easy! Linkshare has programs with over 400 merchants - many of whom are "brand names"! You ought to check them out. Some of the merchants will review your site before giving their approval but many give instant approval.

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E-Bay is the largest online auction site.

Refer people to this community of free services and make money! (WOW! Talk about easy!)

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People love to talk. Well, some people. In MY family anyway. We also like to be online and the way the phone companies charge, it can be hard to afford a separate line.

So many people looking for love... Would a matchmaking website be relative on YOUR site? There are lots of people out there looking for a mate.

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If you are a webmaster, you can do as we did, install the 7Search search engine box in your pages and the affiliate program will pay you per search if you are interested in earning cash from your web site! It only takes 7 minutes! Click here

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Are you looking for webwork tools? online resources?
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I have a separate page for those needing help with their web site. Click here!

People who read or listen to music are finding books, tapes, cd's, and films on the web. One way to make money is to make it easy for your visitors to search for a particular author or artist.

barnes and noble
  Author:  Last Name  First Name (Optional)

  Keyword Options: Do an exact match a partial match

Of: all words any word this phrase


If you have special interests, you can use specific links like:

This is a text link to a book at Barnes & Noble. A Southern Guide to Meat-&-Threes & Downhome Dining

Amazon has books, cd's, films, toys, tools, lawn ornaments (and who knows what next?):

Books Music Enter keywords... logo

Same thing with music - you can provide a search tool like this:


Album Title
Song Title

Or find something specific and link to it:

Titanic CD Get the Titanic CD on SALE

A lot of people travel - and look for bargains in their travel arrangements. has a wide variety of resources for the astute traveler.

Yet another area is job hunting. People are looking and finding jobs online. Why not help them out and make money at the same time?

Learn how to bring FREE, targeted TRAFFIC to your Web site with WebPosition Analyzer(tm).
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Do you know how valuable it is to have a web-based email account? You know - you can access your mail from any online PC and if you change ISP's, you don't have to notify everyone and their brother of yoru NEW email address (if you use your web-based one).

What are you waiting for? Offer them FREE on your website!

Here's a free email - from Lycos (well known name, right?).
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Free Email

Speaking of email - if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, write me!


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Webmaster tools
These are not money-making things but helpful and (in most cases) FREE tools to do your web work.

Web-O-Rama    By Kevin Gunn
A versatile HTML editing program for Windows 95 98, 2000, and NT 4.0 provided as a donationware alternative to overpriced shareware HTML applications (for non-commercial use).

It has an uncluttered interface and a variety of useful features, including intuitive dialogs for adding images, tables, links, lists, sounds, forms, scrolling text, hex values, special characters, frames, body and font attributes, and more. A comprehensive Tag List contains definitions of commonly used HTML tags and their attributes. Templates, drop-down menus, multiple toolbars, tag coloring, and user-configurable buttons aid both novice and advanced HTML authors.

Files of any size can be opened, edited, and saved. Features include support for opening, searching, and saving multiple files, importing and exporting data among dialogs, a Style Sheet dialog, and major improvements to all aspects of the program.

This is called donationware - so if you can... - do send a donation to Kevin!

If you're going to use it commercially (i.e., to make websites for paying customers),
buy the Pro version (it's CHEAP!) please.
Check out   Web-O-Rama HTML Editor now!

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